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Low back pain

Moveo has been developed as a means to break the ongoing cycle of chronic back pain. Its goal is to help you regain an active and healthy lifestyle. Moveo is an innovative concept, which offers a second chance to all patients who have already undergone several treatments without obtaining the desired result.

Unlike other treatments, Moveo provides the patient with all the necessary tools, knowledge and motivation, to regain control of their own bodies. Moveo will teach you how to manage your pain, and will help you to regain any mobility that was lost. Our therapy will not only focus on the weaker and painful parts of your body, but will attempt to establish a profound change to your personal habits.

After an initial evaluation, Moveo will develop a complete tailor-made program to your specific goals and needs. Together, we will make sure that you regain control of your body and eliminate the discomfort of back pain. During the program we will monitor your progress via periodic assessments. Moreover, we intend to give you all the information you need to prevent a future relapse.

Moveo Amount Time per Session
History taking and physical assessment 1 45 min.
Fitness test 1 60 min.
Individual training sessions with a specialized physiotherapist 10 60 min.
Physiotherapeutic treatment session 2 45 min.
Suffering from back pain? Get back in control!