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Dry Needling

The treatment

Dry needling is a relatively new physiotherapeutic treatment method. Although it is often compared to acupuncture, there are some clear differences between the two.

Dry needling is used to treat myofascial pain, and unlike acupuncture does not work on the bodies energy levels. A small needle is inserted through the skin into tensed areas of the muscle, better known as trigger points. The needle allows us to target muscle tissue that is notmanually palpable.

At MES Fisioterapia, dry-needling often is not a treatment in itself, but can be part of a treatment plan as a whole. As always, our aim is to resolve the root of your complaint, and therefore other treatment methods may be combined with the use of dry-needling. To make an appointment for a dry-needling session, please contact our college Bram Nieuwenhuijse, or fill in the contact form.

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