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Meet the team

Our team

All our therapists have graduated in the Netherlands. Within our team there are several different specializations, such as sports physiotherapy and osteopathy. Our therapists would like to introduce themselves, and tell you a little bit more about their role within the practice.

Wilco Grift

+34 647 441 180

I am a Dutch physiotherapist, since graduating in Utrecht in 1990, I have worked as a physiotherapist in a prestigious sports physiotherapy practice in Amsterdam and in a private clinic in Milan. I have also worked at top sport level for national football teams in both Libya and South Korea (until the World Cup in Korea / Japan) where I worked as a physiotherapist and rehabilitation trainer. I have also worked extensively with professional Dutch footballers.

Since 2004 I have been working at different practices in Barcelona and in the summer of 2012 founded MES Fisioterapia.I specialize in sport physiotherapy and chronic musculoskeletal disorders (lower back and neck pain). I encourage my patients to actively participate in their recovery to create optimal conditions for a quick recovery.

I am a sports fan and I like to run.

Bram Nieuwenhuijse

+34 664 424 483

Dutch Physiotherapist and Osteopath. I have been working at MES Fisioterapia since 2007. As physical therapist I am specialized in treating sports related injuries. As osteopath I treat a wide range of physical complaints, mostly focusing on conditions related to the spine and to the treatment of chronic pain.

Thanks to my fascination for the working of the human body, I like to stay updated with the most recent developments within our profession. In 2016 I graduated for my masters in osteopathy and I have recently finished a course in dry needling. During my treatment sessions I will often combine knowledge and skills from both physiotherapy and osteopathy.

I feel most at home within a sports oriented environment, in which performance and quality is strived towards. Throughout my youth I have been playing football at a high level (PSV-Youth), and currently I am a fanatic runner. I love to travel and enjoy life to the fullest.

Robert Ciliacus

+34 664 631 793

I have studied physiotherapy at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven, where I graduated from the international track in 2016. I chose to do my studies in English, because I feel most comfortable in an international set-up, and because it gave me the opportunity to pick up knowledge from other cultures.

After a brief period of working as a general physiotherapist in the Netherlands, it was therefore time to pack my bags and head to Barcelona. Although I am passionate about working with athletes, I find that the diversity of people and injuries we treat, is what makes being a physiotherapist great. The fact that I get the time and space to tailor my treatment to the specific needs of each patient is what makes me excited about working for MES Fisioterapia.

After graduating I have done several courses to develop my skills as a physiotherapist. I acquired my diploma in FIFA football medicine, which certifies me to work with professional players. More recently I have finished a course on medical taping. Whenever I am not in the practice, I like to play football or spend my time on the tennis court.

Ashley Geerestein

+34 654 467 819

I am Ashley Geerestein and I graduated in 2015 as a physiotherapist from the applied university of Amsterdam. During my last year I completed my internship here at MES Fisioterapia. I enjoyed my time here so much, that I decided to stay in Spain and start working for MES.

During my education, I had the opportunity to do clinical affiliations at several practices that mainly focussed on the treatment of (top) athletes. This gave me the change to develop my skills and gain experience within the field of sports physiotherapy. My role within MES therefore lies within the treatment and rehabilitation of sporters.

Before studying physiotherapy I acquired my diploma in sporteducation and sportnutritions, where I graduated in movement agogist specialised in martial arts and I may call myself sportnutritionist. Besides physiotherapeutic treatments, I provide personal training, (kick)boxlessons and I develop personal foodschedules. Personally I love doing sports, especially crossfit and kickboxing. I like to spend time in the gym, or going outside for a though run.