Mes Fisioterapia at Barcelona

MES Fisioterapia is a practice consisting of two Dutch physiotherapists and a Catalan personal trainer. In summer 2012 we moved to a new location in Barcelona. The practice is located in Les Corts and has two treatment rooms and an exercise studio with changing and shower facilities.

Patients are individually assessed and provided with specific training objectives, according to their condition. The center has been designed specifically to meet the individual needs of the client. The exercise studio provides a variety of equipment to allow for functional rehabilitation and training.

Moveo Ergo Sum

MES stands for Moveo Ergo Sum, I move therefore I am. Movement is the starting point of our practice. Because movement is life.The body is made to move. When movement is restricted due to injury, surgery, work conditions or simply ageing, physiotherapy plays an important role in helping to regain mobility.

MES Fisioterapia adopts a holistic approach, treating not only the area of complaint but the function of the body as a whole. All aspects of a complaint are investigated in order to consider not only the symptom but it’s underlying cause. In order to regain optimal mobility as soon as possible, the phsyiotherepist gives the patient 45 minutes of undivided attention throughout the treatment.