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Second opinion

Here at MES Fisioterapia we regularly see patients for a so-called second opinion. During a second opinion we will independently re-evaluate your complaints and case history.

Whenever you are in doubt about a given diagnose, simply want to gain more insight into your complaints, or if you have been receiving the same treatment for a while without the expected results, a second opinion might be the answer.

Our extensive physical examinations are aimed at finding the roots of your complaint, rather than merely treating symptoms. The expertise of our therapists, in combination with our style of treatment, set us apart from most physiotherapy practices.

We are here to answer all questions you have about your complaints and about the current or previous treatment method. We will answer your questions discretely and give an independent advice.  A second opinion at MES Fisioterapia is completely non-committal. You can choose to continue treatment with us, or to return to your own therapist if preferred.

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