Treatment Price Duration
Physiotherapy €50.00 45 min.
Osteopathy €60.00 45 min.
Exercise therapy €50.00 45 min.
Personal training -PACK- €175.00 5 sessions of 60 min.
MOVEO programme €550.00 Click for info

Here at MES we like to take our time for you. That’s why each treatment session lasts 45 minutes, and each exercise therapy session lasts an hour.

Due to the fact that we are a private practice, each treatment session is paid on location. Nevertheless, many people with a private insurance are entitled to a reimbursement from their insurance company when visiting a private physiotherapy practice. This reimbursement can be claimed with the invoice we provide. For people who are insured in Spain, it is mentioned in the insurance policy as ´reembolso o libre eleccion´.